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Dr. Patricia Cameron will be using Rose’s book Dance Beyond The Shadows in Siena College in Loudonville NY, in one of her Psychology classes regarding women’s issues. She will be doing this in the fall semester of 2008

Psychology Majors at Siena College with Dr. Cameron class in Psychology of Women: Read the Reviews for 2008

Thank you to Dr. Cameron for using my book for the second year in Psychology of women @ Siena College. Read the Reviews for 2009

Thank you to all the students for their reviews and for their interaction while we had the privilege to meet them in their classroom. Rosemary Richards and her "Dragon Slayer" husband Jack

( Contact Dr. Cameron at pcamwhatever@aol.com)

You can contact Rose on the Contact Page

Rosemary J. Richards is a proud wife, mother of six, grandmother of twelve and is also proud to be a sister, aunt, friend, and retired Licensed Practical Nurse who worked in the field for 43 years.


Note from the author:

This book "Dance Beyond The Shadows" is not a child's book. It is for adults who themselves have been mangled in the net of childhood abuse, mental disorders, and hypocrisy. This is for all the families who were taught to keep quiet about the unpleasant, the horrid, the dirty. It is for the children who were told, "Don't Tell".

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about the book
"Dance Beyond
The Shadows"

Evil is subtle
He smiles with loving gentleness
Warming your heart
While ripping innocence out
With one touch
Blanketed by a trusting child

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Rose's Poetry

Then the sun said to a tiny piece of earth miles down in darkness "Can you see me"?
And the speck answered, "Yes, yes, who are you?"

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And the sun responded, "I am light."
The whole earth shook and burst open spewing sparks of lava
The tiny speck of earth was thrown upward into a field of wild flowers
Blooming in sun's warmth...

Will one little girl clothed in darkness bring her story into the the light
and maybe, just maybe, touch one
heart enough to make a difference?

Book Signing Dates

It's time
for me
for you
but most of all
All children...

Here are her words
Here is her struggle
Here is her heart
You decide...


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